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There Are Three Sides To This Dark Issue

September 28, 2023

You know about the Bermuda Triangle, but are you aware of a dental black triangle? Take a close look at the gumlines of your upper and lower front teeth. Are there gaps between any of them that resemble teeny black triangles? The clinical name of this common dental issue is open gingival embrasures. They show up when the space between two teeth isn’t filled by gum tissue and, as a result, create a triangular shape. If you have one or more black triangles and don’t like their appearance, see a prosthodontist. 

If you want exceptional care from a prosthodontist, don’t look further than the office of Dental Specialists of Darien. We provide a comprehensive range of advanced dental services—from the essentials in preventive care to the foremost in restorative and cosmetic treatments.

In addition to an unwanted cosmetic appearance, black triangles can spur oral health issues. Food particles and plaque can pile up in embrasures and induce cavities, gum disease and even dental abscesses. 

No matter what your motivation is for wanting to banish your open gingival embrasures, know that you have some options. 

Surgical procedures can help conserve the gum issue that’s causing the triangles. 

A prosthodontist can inject gum tissue with cells that can regenerate the absent tissue.

Tissue volumnizing employs hyaluronic acid to reduce gum bleeding, stimulate the regeneration of gums, protect the mucous membrane from infections and reduce swelling. Its application is completely safe for everyone.

The triangles can be vanquished by using bonding materials, cosmetic reshaping, crowning the affected teeth or applying veneers. 

A prosthodontist can use porcelain and composite substances that are color-matched to your gums to try to reduce or hide one or more black triangles. 

removable gingival veneer or mask (a gum-colored acrylic or silicone device) can temporarily cover black triangles. It’s cost-effective, but you must take them out every night before retiring and clean them every day.

Dental Specialists of Darien employs the most advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures to determine the precise course of care and provide the best solutions. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us today.

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