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New Dentures? Some Tips on What, How, to Eat at First

March 28, 2022

So you’re the proud owner of a new set of dentures, and after enduring the discomfort of missing teeth, you can’t wait to dive into many of the foods you’ve been avoiding. Well, before you take that first bite, make sure to check in with our prosthodontist at Dental Specialists of Darien. No one is more skilled in handling dental conditions that require these removable replacements than a prosthodontist.

Here are a few mealtime guidelines for new denture wearers:

Slowly and softly: It’s recommended that you start with a diet composed of soft foods that have been blended, chopped, ground, or mashed, such as cooked cereals, yogurt, scrambled eggs, applesauce, and mashed potatoes, to keep your gums or jaw muscles from becoming overworked.

Sticky business: Foods like raisins, peanut butter, caramels, and chewing gum can stick to your teeth and loosen the dentures.

Cutting edge: Cut your food into small, bite-sized pieces to make each mouthful more manageable. It’s also an all-around healthier way to enjoy and digest your food!

Not so hot: It may be initially difficult to gauge the temperature of your food or beverage, so test it with your lips first. Also, spicy dishes are best avoided at first to prevent irritations.

Not crunch time: Put on hold foods like raw carrots and crackers that put pressure on the gums 

Drink up: Make sure to drink plenty of water to prevent food particles from building up on your teeth.

Give it time: When you are ready to resume your regular diet, do it slowly and in small increments, continuing to keep your mouthfuls small and manageable.

For more tips on how to adjust to a new set of dentures, or any other condition that requires tooth restoration or replacement, our prosthodontist at Dental Specialists of Darien has the experience and techniques to provide comfortable and lasting results. Please contact us today for an appointment.

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