Your Bite Says a Lot About Your Dental Health

January 25, 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase “looks can be deceiving.” It can be true of a wide variety of things — including your teeth! You may think everything is in tip-top shape because you’ve got a full set of straight, white teeth and a great-looking smile. But it’s how your teeth align and how they come together (occlusion) when you bite down that can tell a different story. If your bite is off because of misaligned teeth, potentially serious problems can develop.

At the office of Dental Specialists of Darien, our highly skilled professionals who specialize in prosthodontics will examine the condition of your teeth and identify potential signs of bite problems. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that deals with the design, manufacture, and fitting of artificial replacements for teeth and other parts of the mouth.
A closer look

If the bite alignment of your teeth is off when your jaw is closed, telltale signs of problems include pain or tightness in the jaw and facial muscles, teeth that are worn down or appear flattened, and/or chipped teeth. The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) that connects your jawbone to your scull and serves as a hinge, can also be affected, causing pain and potential damage.

At the office of Dental Specialists of Darien, our highly skilled professionals have the experience and expertise to perform the advanced dental care necessary to correct your bite or the misalignment of your teeth. Prosthodontics is a dental specialty that includes dental implants, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, temporomandibular disorders and occlusion (bite) issues. For more information or to book and appointment, give us a call today.

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