How Teeth Grinding can Affect your Oral Health

February 4, 2020

It may be something you’ve always done, although you’re probably not be aware of it. It may be subconscious, or you may do it only when you’re sleeping. Teeth grinding and/or clenching can have adverse effects over time. It can wear down tooth enamel, which can make teeth sensitive to food, drink, and teeth brushing among other problems.

At the office of Dental Specialists of Darien, our highly skilled professionals will examine the condition of your teeth and identify potential signs of bruxism. Telltale signs include pain or tightness in the jaw muscles, teeth that are worn down or appear flattened, chipped teeth, and the breakdown of crowns or fillings.

The main causes of teeth grinding are stress and anxiety. If you are stressed or anxious during the day, you are more likely to experience the effects of the stress at night too, which can cause jaw clenching and teeth grinding during sleep. However, teeth grinding can also be attributed to undiagnosed sleep apnea (a condition in which your breathing is paused or irregular while sleeping).

The best way to prevent damage to teeth from bruxism is the use of a professionally-made custom mouth guard. It prevents your teeth from grinding at night and will keep your enamel healthy for longer. If you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism, we will determine if a night guard is right for you.

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