Tooth Reconstruction

October 28, 2020

If you have shortened or damaged teeth and a misaligned occlusion- also known as bite, our reconstructive dentist, Dental Specialists of Darien can help you. Reconstructing and restructuring your teeth is a process that is complex, but when done by a highly skilled professional who possesses the needed expertise, it is one that is manageable and designed to give you an occlusion that will serve you better along with relief from discomfort and pain that often accompanies a misaligned occlusion. There are various reasons why you may need reconstruction, such as because of an accident or some other kind of trauma. Or you may have suffered from advanced tooth decay or your teeth may have become extremely worn from teeth grinding or even acid erosion that can be due to acid reflux or consuming food and beverages that are very acidic. Regardless of what has brought you here, you can feel confident that a solution is just around the corner.

It all starts with a consultation between our reconstructive dentist and you. This allows him to evaluate your situation, discuss your goals, and lay out a plan of action. Part of this will be deciding what level of damage your teeth have sustained. Your gums will also be examined to ensure that they are healthy enough to support reconstruction. If gum disease is present, a treatment such as scaling and root planing may be needed to address the concern. If your gums are simply not strong enough, bone grafting may be a viable option. Also, we will discuss with you such cosmetic points as the size, shape, and even color of your teeth and how they will look in proportion to one another. Full reconstruction is done all at once, and not one by one, in order to affect the best outcome for proper occlusion alignment.

Tools that our reconstructive dentist will use to assist include x-rays and impressions as well as computer diagnostics and neuromuscular methods to relax your jaw muscles. Only the most advanced and up to date technology is employed to give you a restoration that is successful, satisfying, and cosmetically pleasing. Best of all is a newly healthy and strong mouth. Call us at Dental Specialists of Darien today and let’s get started.

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