Dentures and Crowns

August 28, 2020

Making sure that you have a complete smile and whole, viable teeth is a big part of what Dental Specialists of Darien does. Crowns restore and strengthen an individual tooth, and dentures replace missing ones so that you can be confident in how your teeth look as well as be able to chew effectively.

When it comes to tooth restoration, crowns are hard to beat. If a tooth becomes severely decayed, cracked, or even chipped, it is weakened. Even more important, the protective layers that ordinarily keep bacteria from getting inside that tooth have been breached. A crown will solve both of those problems, allowing you to keep the tooth instead of losing it. Crowns are also useful for purely cosmetic reasons, such as when you have a tooth that is crooked, discolored, or misshapen. The process of getting one starts with having impressions of your mouth taken and sent to the dental lab. Your crown will then be fitted to your existing tooth and cemented in place. We also do dentures, either partial or complete. Unlike a fixed bridge, dentures don't necessitate the loss of any tooth material from neighboring teeth. They are removable, consisting of a plastic base colored to match your gums, along with the appropriate number of prosthetic teeth on top of it. For partial dentures, there will be a clasp on either side to attach to your neighboring teeth. Both partial and complete dentures are held in at the gum line with dental adhesive. You take them out to clean them daily. In addition to their benefits in chewing and promoting an attractive smile, dentures from Dental Specialists of Darien also keep your other teeth from shifting, leading to discomfort and possible jaw misalignment.

Just call us to arrange a convenient time to come in and get started on a new crown or bridge. Your teeth are our priority.

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