Full Mouth Restoration

Beautiful woman smileFull Mouth Restoration and Reconstruction recreates each tooth within the mouth to get your beautiful smile up and running again. It is not merely a cosmetic procedure. Full mouth restoration also involves neuromuscular procedures designed to improve the structure of your entire mouth by creating symmetry between the upper and lower jaws, successfully eliminates a number of pain-causing symptoms.

Why Get Full Mouth Restoration And Reconstruction?
Broken, missing or worn down teeth not only create insecurity and a lack of confidence in both the people that have them and the people who see them. It may not be fair, but we live in a world where people make judgments based on outside appearance. A broken smile could make people assume negative things. The cost of full mouth restoration is not only an investment in improving appearance, it also impacts other areas of health and wellness.

You May Need Full Mouth Restoration And Reconstruction If:

• Your teeth were lost or injured due to decay or traumatic injuries

• Erosion to your teeth has occurred due to habitual grinding or long-term regular exposure to acidic elements such as stomach acid reflux or addiction to sugary carbonated beverages

• You have several missing, chipped and/or broken teeth

• The overall state of your teeth is poor due to general neglect and/or injury

• You experience jaw, and head pain on a regular basis

Treatments Commonly Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction And Restoration
There are many variations in the specific treatment plans involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction and Restoration. The complexity will determine the length of time the whole process will take and depends on the individual patient.

Restoring and replacing your teeth through full mouth reconstruction can give you a healthy, natural-looking smile. If you have lost some or all of your teeth, or if you have serious ongoing dental problems, we encourage you to schedule a clinical evaluation. We look forward to understanding your needs and providing you with a personalized treatment plan to get your teeth and smile back in healthy form.

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